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  • UXO sector annual report 2014
  • Among the key achievements in the UXO sector is the great progress in reducing the number of UXO accidents in Lao PDR. From an average of 300 UXO casualties annually as recently as 2008, the number has dropped to 56 in 2012 and to 41 in 2013. This is due, in part, to ongoing Risk Education in contaminated provinces and also to clearance of UXO by a growing number of operators.

  • UXO Annual Report 2012

    Unexploded ordnance, or UXO, are explosive weapons that failed to detonate when they were fired, dropped, launched or projected, and still pose the risk of exploding. UXO contamination in the Lao PDR consists of large bombs, rockets, grenades, artillery munitions, mortars, landmines, cluster munitions and submunitions.

  • Beyond the Horizon: Reducing the Impact of UXO for Poverty Reduction in Lao PDR

    This booklet highlights the situation of unexploded ordnance (UXO) in Lao PDR, as of late 2012 and the work that has been done and is ongoing to reduce the impact of UXO on the people and development of the country.

  • The Safe Path Forward II is the overall strategy for the UXO Sector that aims to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the other development objectives set out in the 7th National Socio-Economic Development Plan in accordance with the principles of the Vientiane Declaration on Aid Effectiveness.

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