• Parliaments and the Sustainable Development Goals

    The purpose of this self-assessment toolkit is to assist parliaments and their members to: • assess their preparedness to engage with the SDGs; • identify additional strategies, mechanisms and partnerships to support implementation of the SDGs more effectively. The toolkit is designed to enable parliamentarians to identify good practices, gaps, opportunities and lessons learned. That will equip parliamentarians to effectively institutionalize the new agenda and mainstream the various goals into the legislative process. The toolkit is not prescriptive. It has been designed to be relevant to all parliaments, whatever their political system and stage of development.

  • The Access to Justice Survey, the first of its kind, attempts to provide policymakers, the legal system, civil society and development partners with a snapshot of the current capabilities of the Lao people to take full advantage of their rights. In particular, the survey is concerned with people’s ability to seek and obtain remedies for grievances that constrain the fulfillment of those rights, including family conflicts, violence, theft, land disputes, debt and other issues.

  • The Communication for Empowerment (C4E) study encompasses both a national overview and a field study. The national overview includes a section on the situation of ethnic peoples and the status of their development, as well as an overview of the current media and information and communication technology (ICT) landscape. The field study includes findings and results of media research conducted in three different locations in Lao PDR inhabited by ethnic peoples.

  • The Customary Law Report is the first of its kind to assess customary justice practices among the 49 officially recognized ethnic groups in Lao PDR and is a step forward in incorporating customary practices into the overall legal system, a key requirement in establishing a rule of law state by 2020.

  • This study is one of the first comprehensive studies to examine current practices in the law-making process in Lao PDR. It provides useful findings and recommendations on key aspects of the lawmaking process including responsibilities of law-drafters to provide the public access to draft legislation via online publication, organize public consultations, and develop explanatory notes and impact assessment reports.

  • This report informs a comprehensive review of the District Development Fund mechanism to be initiated under the next phase of Governance and Public Administration Reform programme on Governance for Inclusive Development Programme 2017-2021.

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