Human Development

  • The Asia-Pacific Human Development Report 2012: Sustaining Human Progress in a changing climate.The Asia-Pacific Human Development Report 2012: Sustaining Human Progress in a changing climate.Asia-Pacific not only has many of the world’s most climate-exposed territories, it is also home to millions of the most vulnerable people. The unprecedented pace and scale of human activities have been transforming the natural environment and contributing to climate change. This report argues that unlike the developed countries of today, in a time of climate change, growing first and cleaning up later is no longer an option.

  • Employment and LivelihoodsEmployment and LivelihoodsThis report constructs human development indicators for provinces across Lao PDR and identifies regional disparities in Human Development across the country. This fourth NHDR also focuses on how to promote employment and livelihoods in Lao PDR to overcome these disparities.

  • International Trade and DevelopmentThis Report examines the relationship between human development and international trade. It aims to widen the intellectual frontiers of human development from both global and local perspectives. The HDRs share the single goal of putting people back at the center of the development process in terms of economic debate, policy and advocacy and help to shape a clearer path towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

  • Advancing Rural DevelopmentAs this report demonstrates, the development situation in rural areas is significantly worse than in urban areas. This report focuses attention not only on action in the policy arena and development activities, but for reflection on our understanding of development processes and the impact of our actions as well.

  • UNDP in Lao PDRUNDP in Lao PDRPeople are the real wealth of nations and UNDP works to help build better lives and to ensure that all people in Lao PDR benefit from national development. We support growth that creates more and better economic and social opportunities without harming the environment. We also promote peace, human rights and security as a critical element of development, in Lao PDR and 176 other countries and territories. Overall, we offer both global perspective and local insight.

  • Human Development Report 2014Human Development Report 2014

  • Global Human Development Report 2015Global Human Development Report 2015The UNDP's flagship report this year focuses on the changing world of work which presents great opportunities for some, but also profound challenges for others. The report argues that policies should embrace all types of work, including care, creative and voluntary work and that they should pay particular attention to sustainability.


The first Human Development Report was published in 1990 and took the simple concept that national development should not be measured by national income alone, as had long been the practice, but also by life expectancy and literacy. UNDP in Lao PDR supports National Human Development Reports that share the common goal of placing people back at the centre of the development process in order to shape a clearer path toward achieving the country’s development goals. 

Human Development Report 2014

Lao PDR sits in the medium human development category, ranking 139 out of 187 countries and territories in the world. The average HDI for countries in the medium human development group is 0.614 and 0.703 for countries in East Asia and the Pacific region.

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