Millennium Development Goals

  • Accelerating Progress Toward the MDGsAccelerating Progress Toward the MDGsThis Framework, focused on six key areas, recognizes that there is a need for a new accelerated approach to reducing poverty and attaining the MDG targets. It should help the government to accelerate and scale up its initiatives. Preconditions to development are highlighted, such as reaching under-served communities.

  • Millennium Development Goals: Progress report Lao PDR 2008This 2008 report helps to determine where additional efforts are needed as the Government prepares the 7th National Socio-Economic Development Plan (NSEDP) 2011-2015. It provides a new framework for the UN and partners but also for the Government to develop the next step of national development planning.

  • MDGs Progress Report Lao PDR 2004The National Millennium Development reports establish guidelines and track progress on the achievement of the MDGs. The first MDGs progress report in Lao PDR assesses the current situation and the progress made in implementing the specific targets of the Millenium Development Goals in the country.

  • MDG Compact for Lao PDRThe MDG Compact is a reaffirmation of committment by the Government of Lao PDR and development partners to achieving the MDGs in Lao PDR and towards the country's objective of graduating from Least Developed Country status by 2020.

  • Asia-Pacific Regional MDG report 2011/2012Asia-Pacific Regional MDG report 2011/2012This year's report underlines the extent of disparities across the Asia-Pacific region, looking especially at the wide gaps in the goals related to health and nutrition where the region is particularly under-performing

  • MDGs Progress Report Lao PDR 2013MDGs Progress Report Lao PDR 2013Overall, the Lao PDR has achieved remarkable economic and social progress over the past two decades or so. The proportion of people living below the poverty line has been reduced by more than 40 percent from the levels recorded in 1992/93. The infant and under-five mortality rates show a steady decline over time.


We support the eight global Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which commit to reduce world poverty by half by 2015, as well as a ninth MDG specific to Lao PDR, to reduce the impact of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) still remaining from the Second Indo-China War.