National Growth and Poverty Eradication Strategy

01 Jan 2004

The NGPES is the framework under which the government plans to develop and implement his initiatives to end poverty and sustain national growth. It focuses on eradicating poverty in Lao PDR by 2020, particularly in rural areas. Providing an enabling environment for growth and development is a top priority of the Government and the document sets defined guidelines and key sectors, which need to be developed, are identified.


The NGPES is at the centre of the national development agenda and reflects the Government’s policy and strategy framework to achieve the country’s 2020 goal of exiting Least Developed Country status. As the NGPES clearly states, it is the Government’s firm commitment to gradually lessen the country’s high dependency on official development assistance (ODA). Widely distributed, the NGPES also aims to promote debate and discussion at the local level.

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