Volunteer Voices:

What does volunteerism mean to you?

 UN Volunteer training midwifes in Luang Prabang. Photo: UNV Lao PDR/Carla del Castillo

“…the chance to be part of bringing about change by supporting environmental programs can be seen as a life-opportunity in itself. Besides, being a volunteer is an exceptional opportunity to focus your efforts on an activity in which you are not expecting any kind of financial benefit. Furthermore, it ends up being a strong component of your CV, because if you are able to conduct your work with responsibility and focus as a volunteer, why would you perform differently in a paid capacity?
Agriculture and Natural Resources Management Specialist, UNDP

“Volunteerism for me is taking time out and doing something for someone else in the hope that it will help make a positive difference, however small to someone else’s life. It gives me a good feeling to know I can use my knowledge and skills to help make someone else’s life better. Not only do I gain a better understanding of other people’s lives and situations but I also develop a greater appreciation for humanity.” 
Gender Officer, UNFPA

“<<What we do for ourselves, dies with us. What we do for others and for the world remains and is immortal>>.” For me this quote by Albert Pine (English author) encapsulates the what the experience of volunteering  means to me. Volunteerism is intended to improve the well being of others, and I am motivated by my values and desire to help those less fortunate than myself. In so doing, it increases my social interaction, and strengthens existing relationships.”
Midwife/Nurse-Midwife Clinical Training Advisor, UNFPA

“Giving your time to work alongside motivated people toward a common goal.”
Maternal and Child Health Intern, UNFPA

“Dedicating your time to other people and to causes that you believe in, and being open to learning about yourself and the world along the way.”
Communication and Knowledge Management Intern, IFAD

“To forget about climbing the professional ladder for a change and do what makes you happy.”
Elimination of Violence Against Women Officer, UN Women

“Give your best wherever possible, and take personal and professional satisfaction.” 
Dispensary Nurse, One UN

“Working towards a cause for the greater good of humanity and personal enrichment.” 
Donor Relations Coordinator, WFP

“Using my skills and experience to help others without expecting anything in return other than gaining from the experience itself."
Communications Officer, UNICEF

“Someone willing to share their time and energy, without primarily looking at material rewards, in order to achieve a goal or objective.” 
Research Officer, UNICEF

“Working with and on behalf of others without the expectation of financial gain.” 
Coordination Officer, One UN


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