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Procurement Notices

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Posted Deadline

Request for Proposal


UNDP/LAO/RFP002/2017 Request for Proposal to Select Local Media for Inter Agencies to advertise procurement or recruitments notice 16 November 2017    

Request for Quotation



RFQ_004_2017 Procurement of Polo Shirt for UNDP Lao PDR
30 October 2017 6 November 2017  
Invitation for Bid UNDP/LAO/ITB001/2017

Procurement of a construction DDF Center and Sub-Stations under The UNDP-GEF Sustainable Forest and Land Management in the Dry Dipterocarp Forest Ecosystems of Southern Lao PDR Project SAFE ECOSYSTEMS Project


1. Soliciration Document

2. Section 11_Model Contract for Civil Works

3. Annex I Price List A summarize

3. Annex I Price List B detail cost

4. Annex II 01 Main Ofiice

4. Annex II 02. Dormitory

4. Annex II 03. Toilet

4. Annex II 04. Water Tank

4. Annex II 05. Sub-station

5. Minute of pre-bid meeting (4 Oct 2017)

26 September 2017

12 October 2017


@ 10.00 am local time


Request for Proposal



Consultancy firm to conduct the assessment of the biodiversity, wildlife habitat and Ecosystem Health of SAFE Ecosystems Project

- Soliciration Document

- ToR

- Clarification no.1 (4OCT2017)

- Clarification no.2 (9OCT2017)

21 September 2017

New bid submission deadline

16 October 2017


@ 10.00 am local time

Sale Notice
ADM/250-039/2017 Sale Notice, UNDP car Toyota Camry 2011 4 May 2017 18 May 2017  

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