Support to the Institutional Strengthening of the National Regulatory Authority for the Mine and UXO Sector

What is the project about?

UXO Lao clearing land in Xieng Khouang Province. Photo: UNDP Lao PDR/Laophoto

This project provides support to the coordination, regulation and monitoring of all organisations working in the UXO sector. The National Regulatory Authority (NRA) represents Lao PDR in all UXO related international forums. The NRA provides a UXO focal point within the Government and has developed a framework within which implementing organizations work. UNDP provides NRA with program oversight and administrative, technical and financial support to build local capacity and to provide support to staff.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • The NRA successfully manages a budget of around US $20 million per year.
  • Quality management teams are permanently deployed in the field have helped to ensure safe and effective work practices.

Who finances it ?

Australia, EU, Ireland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, UNDP

Delivery in the previous fiscal year

2012: US$ 965,333
Project Start Date
Project End Date
Geographic Coverage
Support to all 17 provinces affected
Focus Area
Crisis prevention and recovery
Project Officer
Ms. Viratsamay Visonnavong
National Regulatory Authority for the UXO and Mine Sector