Civil Society Support Programme

What is the project about?

The goal of CSSP is to lead to greater people’s participation in local development and nation-building efforts. The project aims to enable the government, not-for-profit associations (NPAs), INGOs, communities and development partners to become partners, share knowledge and deliver services in the public interest towards poverty reduction. It facilitates the development of a legal and regulatory framework for civil society and supports the setting up of a coherent and effective government registration and monitoring structure at national, provincial and district levels.

What have we accomplised so far?

  • 87 not-for-profit organisations were registered in the provinces and 42 at the national level.
  • The programme document was developed in partnership with all key stakeholders.
  • Following the government decrees, No. 13 on international NGOs, and No. 115 on non-profit associations, government passed decree No. 149 on foundations. These all contribute to making an easier registration process.
  • A capacity assessment of the Ministry of Home affairs was conducted and based on the findings a capacity strengthening plan and public awareness raising strategy were developed.

Who finances it?

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Delivery in previous fiscal year

2013: US$ 441,184.23
Project Overview
Project Start Date
July 2011
Project End Date
December 2014
Geographic Coverage
Vientiane Capital
Focus Area
Democratic Governance
Project Officer
Ms. Oraxone Vissapra (
Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA);
Department of International Organisations (DIO) of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA);
Division of Civil Society Organisation;
Department of Public Administration Development (DPAD) of the Ministry of Home Affairs