Governance and Public Administration Reform: Strengthening Capacity and Service Delivery of Local Administrations

What is the project about?

 Pupils from Ban Watluang School, Sekong Province, welcome the project delegation to their school. Photo: UNDP Lao PDR/Eeva Nyyssonen

The overall objective of the Strengthening Capacity and Service Delivery of Local Administrations Programme is to ultimately ensure better delivery of services which improve the lives of the poor, especially in rural areas of Lao PDR. 

The desired results by the end of this joint programme between UNDP and the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) are improved policies and capacities that enable local administrations to initiate and monitor service delivery interventions against localized priorities which accelerate development progress; and improved capacities of district administrations to finance and implement service infrastructure and delivery that lead to improved access to public services and improvements in human development levels, including key indicators related to women and children.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • Improved integration of systems and procedures in budget allocation, financial management rules, procurement rules and project appraisal.
  • Under leadership of the Ministry of Home Affairs and in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning and Investment, policy discussion for integrating the District Development Fund into a national system is in profress.
  • Improved capacity of local administration to fulfill service delivery mandates through technical support to 2,092 local officials (372 women).
  • Improved service delivery provided through provision of 66 small scale district infrastructure and 578 other service interventions, provided in 53 districts since the beginning of the project, meeting locally prioritised needs in health, education, agriculture and public works for over 600,000 people (total value USD2, 657,158). 
  • Asessed District Administration Offices in eight districts in Saravane Province.
  • Improved access to citizen services through One Door Service Centres and service staff training,to date, 31 service centres have been established.
  • Through the implementation of the Capacity Development and Modernisation Fund, 48 Public Administration Offices across the country have improved their activities and reformed activities of 54 sub-projects.
  • Enabled citizen feedback and district mechanisms for responsive and accountable service delivery by piloting of the new District Service Delivery Monitoring System and Service User Feedback System.

Who finances it?

Donors Amount
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
USD 4,000,000  
Republic of Korea USD 2,000,000
UNCDF USD 1,300,000 
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
USD 400,000
Government of Luxembourg USD 1,000,000 
Global Environment Facility (parallel) USD 2,000,000 
Government (parallel)  USD 702,000
Unfunded  USD 1,166,800
Total USD 12,568,800



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