National Assembly Strategic Support Project

What is the project about?

National Assembly in Lao PDR. Photo: UNDP Lao PDR/Daniel Hodgson

Under the framework of the 2012-2015 Country Programme Document, UNDP will implement an integrated “National Assembly Strategic Support Project” (NASSP) to support the country in the process of graduating from the ranks of the least developed countries by 2020 and to strengthen the role of the National Assembly (NA) within the framework of its Strategic Directives to meet such objectives.

The Project will strengthen the NA as an accountable, inclusive and responsive institution. It will also enhance trust in State-society relations, and promote inclusive political processes with a focus on women, youth, and disadvantaged groups. The foundation of this Project is on a solid understanding of the Lao PDR’s context after years of support to the NA by UNDP that can now be fast-tracked to support national policy and planning for inclusive development.

What do we hope to achieve?

The Project’s outcome is strengthened legislative, oversight, and representational role of the National Assembly to build and sustain democracy and development in Lao PDR.

The NASSP seeks to achieve this outcome through the following Outputs:

Output 1: Enhanced capacities of National Assembly committees in conducting their legislation-making role

  • Sub-Output 1.1: NA members are better informed about the legislative development process in line with the LSMP.
  • Sub-Output 1.2: Capacity Building of Committees in discussing and debating on draft laws within their scope.
  • Sub-Output 1.3: NA committees interact more with women organisations and marginalised groups in order to better integrate Gender and Social Inclusion issues in the legislation-making process.

Output 2. Strengthened institutional and human resource capacities for an effective National Assembly support service

  • Sub-Output 2.1: NA capacities better match the needs of committees and members to implement their assigned tasks.
  • Sub-Output 2.2: Research and Information provision for the legislation and oversight work of the NA improved.
  • Sub-Output 2.3: Well-planned and managed trainings and skills development activities for NA members and NA staff.

Output 3. Increased dialogue promoted between the National Assembly and Citizens to strengthen citizen’s participation in decision making

  • Sub-Output 3.1: Constituents are able to access timely information about the legislative work of the NA and participate in public consultations.
  • Sub-Output 3.2: NA discussions and deliberations better reflect the points of view and needs of constituents.
  • Sub-Output 3.3: NA outreach skills and ability to interact with citizens and stakeholders strengthened.
  • Sub-Output 3.4: Strengthened responsiveness by the NA to citizens’ concerns.
  • Sub-Output 3.5: Increased capacities of women/men from stakeholders and NA committees to engage on substantive issues through provision of technical expertise and flexible funding modalities.

Who finances it?

Donors Amount                       
United Nations Development Programme
$310,000 (the total expected resources until 2017 is $875,000)
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation $420,000 (the total expected resources until 2017 is $1,475,000)

Delivery in previous fiscal year

2013: N/A
Project Overview
Project Start Date
1 July 2014
Project End Date
30 June 2015 (one-year implementation with possible extension until December 2017)
Geographic Coverage
Mainly Vientiane Capital
Focus Area
Democratic Governance
Project Officer
Kaz Fukuda
National Assembly