National Assembly Strategic Support Project

What is the project about?

National Assembly in Lao PDR. Photo: UNDP Lao PDR/Daniel Hodgson

Under the framework of the 2012-2015 Country Programme Document, UNDP will implement an integrated “National Assembly Strategic Support Project” (NASSP) to support the country in the process of graduating from the ranks of the least developed countries by 2020 and to strengthen the role of the National Assembly (NA) within the framework of its Strategic Directives to meet such objectives.

The Project will strengthen the NA as an accountable, inclusive and responsive institution. It will also enhance trust in State-society relations, and promote inclusive political processes with a focus on women, youth, and disadvantaged groups. The foundation of this Project is on a solid understanding of the Lao PDR’s context after years of support to the NA by UNDP that can now be fast-tracked to support national policy and planning for inclusive development.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • NA Members were better prepared for the Ordinary Session in December 2014 as a result of the project assisting with the Inter-Session Programme on draft bills.
  • Draft bills were successfully scrutinized and adopted during the December Session after providing technical support for a series of training sessions.
  • Gender and social inclusion components were integrated into quick reference briefs and circulated to the NA members. 
  • A baseline assessment was conducted to develop a capacity development plan for NA members and staff.
  • A concept note for establishing the Institute for Legislative Studies was developed.
  • Practical and effective project management guidelines were finalized to guide the International Cooperation and Project Management Secretariat at the NA.
  • Methodologies for a baseline assessment of the NA constituency offices developed.
  • Methodologies for a public perception survey and baseline assessment of public engagement tools are developed.
  • The review of the amended Petition Law was supported (eventually adopted in the 8th Ordinary Session), paving the way to improve the redress or grievance mechanisms for public complaints.

Who finances it?

Donors Amount                       
$310,000 (total expected resources until 2017 are $875,000)
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation $420,000 (total expected resources until 2017 are $1,475,000)

Delivery in previous fiscal year

2014: 87% of project funds
Project Overview
Project Start Date
1 July 2014
Project End Date
December 2017
Geographic Coverage
Mainly Vientiane Capital
Focus Area
Democratic Governance
Project Officer
Mr. Kazuo Fukuda
National Assembly