Support Project for Implementation of the Legal Sector Master Plan

What is the project about?

The Legal Sector Master Plan (LSMP) aims to strengthen the rule of law in Lao PDR. This is seen as crucial for the country to achieve the proposed Millennium Development Goals and graduate from Least Developed Country status by 2020. The "Master Plan for Law Development to 2020,” officially adopted by the government of Lao PDR on 11 September 2009, lays out a comprehensive sectoral reform agenda to support the country on its way of becoming a state fully governed by the rule of law.

Through its support of the LSMP, the Programme will seek to achieve synergy and impact by coordinated and concerted effort across the legal sector. It will seek to streamline and improve efficiency of legal and judicial technical assistance administration by drawing together under the LSMP framework various donors and agencies, as well as previously ad hoc reform initiatives, thereby giving substance to the principles set out in the Vientiane Declaration.

What do we hope to achieve?

Main Objectives and Activities

  • Output 1. Enhanced capacity, procedures, and standards for legislative development in Lao PDR (produce a roadmap for improving legislative development process; develop a law drafting manual to systematize the law drafting process; develop a handbook of legal terms in Lao).

  • Output 2. Improved mechanisms for effective legal institutions and systems at national and local levels (Improve environment for Supreme People’s Court, Office of Supreme People’s Prosecutor and Ministry of Public Security to ensure implementation of criminal court judgments; formulate roadmap to establish administrative court and/or labor court; support the Lao Bar Association through implementation of the Law on Lawyers; further strengthen the organizational and operational system of the Ministry of Public Security, the Office of the Supreme People’s Prosecutor and the Supreme People’s Court).

  • Output 3. Improved capacities of human resources in the legal and judicial sector (improve coordination in human resources development and training curricula; provide support for developing specific training programmes, curricula, and other legal training materials on relevant selected topics).

  • Output 4. Increased public understanding of legal rights and information, and increased participation in the legal system (Conduct a baseline survey to examine the extent of people’s actual knowledge of laws at the inception, mid-term, and final phases of the Programme; enhance core agencies’ capacities for more effective dissemination of legal information; increase people’s legal empowerment and advance the LSMP implementation from the bottom-up through a pilot “People’s Justice Fund”; develop more effective and extensive ICT to disseminate legal information; improve local justice system in selected “pilot villages and districts” under the Prime Minister’s Order).

  • Output 5. Continued ratification of key international conventions and norms, and enhanced implementation, enforcement, monitoring, and reporting under international legal instruments accepted by Lao PDR (Full integration of the International Law Project into the LSMP framework; Sign, ratify, and implement additional international treaties and conventions; strengthen the capacity of relevant officials through systematic training programmes; develop the capacity of Non-Profit Associations on international law-related subjects; formulate a national action plan on UPR recommendations; implement selected UPR recommendations).

  • Output 6. Enhanced capacity of the Secretariat to coordinate and implement the LSMP (Develop effective management and implementation mechanism for the LSMP; develop overall LSMP communications strategy; provide support to the Governance Sector Working Group mechanism, including coordination of the Legal and Institutional Oversight Sub-Sector Working Group; capacity development and programme management).

Who finances it?

Donors Amount
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
US$ 600,000
European Union (EU)
US$ 2,396,694 (€1,740,000)
France US$ 547,800 (€ 410,850)
USA US$ 350,000
Total US$ 3,894,494

Delivery in previous fiscal year

2013: US$ 572,091.63
Project Overview
Project Start Date
January 2014
Project End Date
December 2016 (Expected)
Geographic Coverage
Vientiane Capital
Focus Area
Democratic Governance
Project Officer
Mr. Kazuo Fukuda
Implementing Partners:
Ministry of Justice;
Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
Office of Supreme People’s Prosecutor;

Other Partners:
Ministry of Justice;
Supreme People’s Court;
Office of Supreme People’s Prosecutor;
Ministry of Public Security;
Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
National Assembly;
Government Office;
Government Inspection Authority (GIA);
Ministry of National Resources and the Environment;
Law Faculty;
Mass social organizations;
Lao Bar Association;
Lao national civil society;
National Commission on the Advancement of Women;
Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry