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UNDP projects are designed in consultation with national stakeholders and contribute directly to the Government's 5-year National Socio-Economic Development Plans, to the UNDP Country Programme and the United Nations Development Action Framework (UNDAF). Projects are aligned to one or more of the following programme areas - poverty reduction, democratic governance, environment and energy, crisis prevention and recovery. All UNDP projects are nationally executed under the signed country programme, and are implemented in partnership with national partners.

Poverty Reduction

Vocational training school in Vientiane. Photo: UNDP Lao PDR

Democratic Governance

Service with a smile at the One Door Service Centre in Sekong town. Photo: UNDP Lao PDR/Philippe Pernet

  • National Assembly Strategic Support ProjectNational Assembly Strategic Support ProjectThe Project will strengthen the NA as an accountable, inclusive and responsive institution. It will also enhance trust in State-society relations, and promote inclusive political processes with a focus on women, youth, and disadvantaged groups. The foundation of this Project is on a solid understanding of the Lao PDR’s context after years of support to the NA by UNDP that can now be fast-tracked to support national policy and planning for inclusive development.

  • National Governance and Public Administration Reform Programme Secretariat Support ProjectNational Governance and Public Administration Reform Programme Secretariat Support ProjectThe objective of this government-led programme is to strengthen the capacity of public administration to deliver efficient, effective and accountable services to citizens.

Crisis Prevention and Recovery

UXO Lao destroy unexploded cluster munitions in a controlled explosion in Xieng Khouang Province. Photo: UNDP Lao PDR/Laophoto

Environment and Energy

Photo: UNDP Lao PDR
  • Improving the Resilience of the Agriculture Sector to Climate Change (IRAS)Improving the Resilience of the Agriculture Sector to Climate Change (IRAS)Lao PDR has a predominantly agricultural economy with 80 per cent of people involved in some form of activity related to agriculture. However, people often face food insecurity, with over 30 per cent of the population experiencing seasonal shortfalls in rice, the staple crop. This insecurity is a significant dimension of poverty and vulnerability in Lao PDR. This project worked to address food insecurities in two natural disaster prone provinces.

  • Poverty Environment Initiative: Phase IIPoverty Environment Initiative: Phase IISince 2001, the Government of Lao PDR has relied heavily on natural resources to boost investment and economic growth in Lao PDR. Building on the design and success of the project’s first phase, 'PEI Phase II' aims to strengthen the capacity of the Government of Lao PDR to manage investment more systematically and increase the number of quality investments across the country.

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