Enabling the Effective Integration of Lao PDR into ASEAN – Phase III

What is the project about?

Outreach activity: Dissemination of ASEAN-related information at Morning Market in Vientiane, Lao PDR (Spetember 2013). Photo credit: Lao National Television (LNTV)

Given the shift in the timeline for establishing the ASEAN community to 2015, the government of Laos has requested that the UNDP continue to support Lao-ASEAN Integration after the end of the phase II project. With the target for the establishment of an ASEAN Community (2015) fast approaching, challenges for Lao integration into ASEAN are becoming increasingly important.  Therefore, there is a need for Laos to continue enhancing the understanding of government and private sectors on the complexities of integration, as well as to increase their ability to access ASEAN information in order to fully understand the implications of integration and capitalize on the benefits.

In consultation with the Government and UNDP, this project is expected to increase the capacity in raising awareness and pave the way for better participations of the government agencies, business communities and all Lao people in ASEAN political, socio-cultural and economic issues.

What have we accomplished so far?

The ASEAN phase III (2013-2015) project has played an important role in increasing national commitments to the process of Lao PDR’s integration into ASEAN while also strengthening capacity to coordinate ASEAN affairs within the Lao Government. Some of the significant achievements from the implementation of the project from March to December 2013 are as following:

  • The project was successful in increasing greater awareness among Government officials, the business community and general public on ASEAN political and economic issues through dissemination workshops, ASEAN Anniversary events, and other awareness-raising activities.

  • The draft outreach strategy for ASEAN Department, MOFA was prepared and consulted in order to be a material or guidelines for the project team to systematically disseminate and enhance public and private sector understanding on ASEAN issues.

  • Some key ASEAN related documents are collected, summarized, interpreted, translated and regularly uploaded in ASEAN webpage as part of the MOFA Website.

  • Preparing process and coordinating with NUOL and other private colleges to organize the student forum, debates and speeches on ASEAN related topics to increase understandings and awareness of the general public, especially young people on the benefits and challenges to ASEAN integration of Lao PDR.

  • Preparing process to conduct the study or research on the linkage between ASEAN integration and Human Development by cooperating with other local research institution such as NERI, MPI.

Who finances it?

Donors Amount        
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) US$ 240,000

Delivery in previous fiscal year

2013: US$ 44,000
Project Overview
Project start date
Estimated end date
Geographic coverage
Focus Area
Poverty Reduction
Project Officer
Ms. Phouthamath Sayyabounsou
ASEAN Department,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs