UNDP promotes effective, open decision making to improve governance in Lao PDR, supporting the Government’s strategic plan for effective governance through 2020. This is central to consolidating the impressive national development progress already achieved in many areas and ensuring that growth benefits all people in the country and does not harm the environment.

Our Goals

We work in governance and public administration reform to improve people’s access to basic social services, strengthening the legal sector to help people understand their rights and access justice in a fair and timely manner, and enhancing people’s participation in the decision making process. In all three pillars of work, we promote opportunities for creating space for informed and inclusive dialogue on critical development issues as part of the process for “graduation” to middle-income status. We also serve as the international leader in the governance sector, including through co-chairing the governance working group of the Round Table Process. UNDP has the largest Governance programme in the country in terms of issues covered. more

Volunteer radio reporter presents a programme at the Thateng Ethnic Community Radio station

UNDP Lao PDR/Eeva Nyyssonenmore

Our Stories

Trustworthy technology offers new hope for Laos’ poorest communities.
Community Radio in Lao PDR

It has been a long day for Community Radio Volunteer Ms. Mouddala Keonheun. By the time she arrives at the Lakonepheng Community Radio Station, the sun is already starting to set on the small, square building, rising solidly out of a sparse cow and goat paddock in the south of Laos. Mouddala is a teacher at the local school. Every day after class she loads her treasure trove of text books onto an old motorbike and heads to the station to broadcast her basic education programme. more 

Hor Kong villagers head to the market on the new road. Photo: UNDP LaoPDR/Philippe Pernet
Local governance paves way for poverty reduction

The rainy season used to mean a loss of revenue for Timchai, a farmer in the southern Lao province of Saravene. Rainfall during this five-month period would often make the road running from her village to the nearest market impassible, causing her produce to rot before she had an opportunity to sell it.more 

Projects and Initiatives

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From Ripples to Waves - Scaling Up Community Radio in Lao PDR

The UNDP believes strong and effective media is at the heart of equitable development. Through volunteer-run Community Radio, the unique voices of Laos marginalised and poorest communities are beginning to be heard. The UNDP in Lao PDR has supported community radio for development since 2006. "From Ripples to Waves: Scaling Up Community Radio in Lao PDR" documents the impact of localised, grass-roots media on rural development in Laos.

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