Our Stories: Poverty Reduction


Local governance paves way for poverty reduction

The rainy season used to mean a loss of revenue for Timchai, a farmer in the southern Lao province of Saravene. Rainfall during this five-month period would often make the road running from her village to the nearest market impassible, causing her produce to rot before she had an opportunity to sellmore


Q & A with UN Lao PDR Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative Kaarina Immonen: What does UN do in the Lao PDR?

23 Oct 2014

  Q: The UN does many things in the Lao PDR, but in your opinion what are its main functions here?   A: The main function of the United Nations in Lao PDR is to support the Government in achieving its national development targets.  Our priority areas of work covers, among other thingsmore


Tackling the deadly legacy of war

Rice planting season is a nerve-wracking time for 49 year-old farmer Vongphone of Xieng Khouang province, in northern Lao. He was disabled five years ago when he accidentally set off an unexploded cluster bomb. Vongphone, who lost his left hand, is one of hundreds maimed or killed each year by exmore

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