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  • The Round Table Implementation Meeting 2017 in Pakse, Champasak advocates for enhanced partnerships to realize LDC graduation and achieve SDGs Nov 23, 2017

    The Round Table Implementation Meeting 2017 took place in Pakse, Champasak this year.

  • Round Table Implementation Meeting set to take stock of Lao PDR’s development progress Nov 13, 2017

    At a press conference at the Lao Journalist Association in Vientiane capital, the Government and the United Nations announced the annual Round Table Implementation Meeting to take place in Pakse, Champasack on 22-23 November.

  • Brand Lao works for better livelihoods Nov 10, 2017

    The Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry creates a launching pad for a Branding Lao Promotion and Development Facility, benefitting local producers with better returns for their produce.

  • Lao PDR's innovative contribution to discussions on climate action at the climate conference COP23 in Bonn Nov 7, 2017

    Lao PDR's COP23 side events on nature-based adaptation, South-South cooperation and Circular Economy

  • Improved service delivery furthers inclusive development Oct 25, 2017

    The Government, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and Switzerland have launched a programme aimed at strengthening service delivery that better responds to citizens’ needs.

  • What is circular economy and how can it drive climate ambitions of developing countries? Sep 21, 2017

    Climate Change Technical Advisor Alexandra Soezer writes about looking beyond the current model of “take, make and dispose” with the concept of circular economy and its opportunities for Lao PDR.

  • Lao Youth reaches for the stars Sep 18, 2017

    Following your dreams in life takes courage and persistence. The courage to spell out what your heart wishes, to find a way forward, a strategy to make it work, no matter what it takes. The persistence to just keep going, to never lose focus, to shake off doubts and overcome sudden obstacles – until one day, your dream becomes reality.

  • Clearing Lao PDR from unexploded ordnance is vital for sustainable development Aug 18, 2017

    The Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Sector Working Group met today in Vientiane to discuss and outline progress and plans for dealing with the UXO obstacle to Lao PDR’s development. Sector Working Groups link local progress to national plans and policies within the national Round Table Process, Lao PDR’s development cooperation forum.

  • Lao PDR marks the seventh anniversary of the Entry Into Force of the Convention on Cluster Munitions Jul 31, 2017

    For Lao PDR, the most bombed country per capita in the world, 1 August is a significant date. The day marks the anniversary of the Entry Into Force of the Convention on Cluster Munitions, and 2017 is the seventh anniversary. The Convention is an international treaty that prohibits the, production, use, transfer and storage of these explosive weapons. To mark the anniversary, the Government of Lao PDR, development partners and entities active in the Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) sector came together at an event organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare.

  • Opening the doors to new livelihoods Jul 14, 2017

    The buzzing of many voices fills the room as visitors are squeezing past each other to catch a glimpse of the vocational training students at work. Seemingly undisturbed by the onlookers’ scrutiny, Moukdavanh moves her hands swiftly across the paper, drawing little marks with a pencil here and there, sometimes pausing before the next stroke. “I am drawing the sewing pattern for my next blouse,” she says excitedly. “And these are the shirts I have made so far,” she adds, pointing towards a rack of colourful and neatly draped clothes. The wide smile on her face indicates the pride she takes in learning the craft of tailoring.

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