Nonghet Community Radio interviews Kyoko Yokosuka, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative

May 10, 2013

Keanchan, who is one of the volunteers working at new UNDP-supported community radio station in Nonghet, interviewed UNDP Deputy Resident Representative Kyoko Yokosuka live on air on the day of the launch, 9th of May 2013.

Keanchan: What are the objectives of the Nonghet Ethnic Community Radio for Development?

Kyoko: It’s very important that people in the local communities are able to have access to information and exchange knowledge that is useful to them, in their own language. A community radio can provide this opportunity, and we are very happy to support such an initiative in Nonghet.

Keanchan: In what areas of development can Nonghet Ethnic Community Radio for Development benefit the people of Nonghet?

Kyoko: UNDP had the privilege to support the setting up of the radio, but the core idea of the community radio is that it is owned and run by the people in the community. The content of the radio programmes should also be driven by the interest of people in the communities. From the experience of the Khoun community radio, we know that topics such as agriculture, education, health and culture have been useful and in great demand. These programmes have helped to increase the knowledge of the listeners in hygiene and sanitation issues, proper nutrition, education, immunization, agricultural activities, but at the same time I also hope that the radio will be used for cultural exchange as well as entertainment.

Keanchan: What message would you like to pass to the people in Nonghet and the local authority about Community radio station utilization as effective development tool and keeping it well maintained?

Kyoko: The community radio should be truly owned and managed by the people in the community, and the same can be said with regards to the maintenance of the station. I have no doubt that when they realize the value of the radio programmes, they will feel responsible for maintaining the facilities properly so the radio can benefit the community for years to come. 

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