UNDP to support civil society and community media in new 4-year programme

Feb 4, 2011

The Community Participation and Communication Support Programme (CPCSP) will launch community run district radio stations in Sekong, Xieng Khouang and Oudomxay provinces.

The programme, to be implemented by the Ministry of Information and Culture, with support from the UN and Oxfam Novib, will improve access to information and promote the voices of vulnerable communities to make them active participants in the development process.

The CPCSP will build people's experience, at a very local level, of the basic concepts behind civil society – voice, transparency, and government responsiveness. This builds on the success of the Khoun Community Radio for Development, the nation's first community-run radio station, which went on air in 2007. According to the Khoun district health authorities, information from the radio reduced the numbers of diarrhea-related illnesses, 60-70 percent more ethnic women now use health facilities when pregnant and 50 percent more women bring their children for vaccinations.

The CPCSP includes three outputs; scaling up community media to poor and under served districts; building capacity for the sustainability of local organizations and companies to have the knowledge and competence to scale up and sustain community media; using the lessons learned to inform policy ‐ makers and contribute to an enabling environment for media, access to information and indigenous rights.

Through its outputs the programme is designed to contribute to the achievement of poverty reduction and aims to enhance civil society's and communities' role in improved governance. UNDP, as the UN global development network, engages with civil society at all levels to promote the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and support people in their efforts to build a better life. Substantive partnership with civil society is of greater strategic importance than ever given the integral role of civil society in governance and development.

The total budget of the programme is US$ 1,600,000 over four years.

Contact informationToby Fricker - Tel: 021 267 777
email: toby.fricker@undp.org