UNDP supports Sendin village boat racing team

Oct 14, 2011

The blue and white of UNDP featured prominently at yesterday's traditional Vientiane boat racing festival with the women's and two men's teams from Sendin village wearing the colors.

The annual event celebrates the end of Buddhist Lent and this was the first year UNDP have sponsored a village. UNDP supplied the kit and funding for the costs of bringing the boats and racing crews to Vientiane.

At the handover ceremony with the teams the UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Kyoko Yokosuka, said, “UNDP is very pleased to be a part of this year's traditional Vientiane boat racing festival. We are delighted that the women's and men's teams from Senedin village are participating again in this year's race.”

Sendin village is 35km north of Vientiane and is situated on the Nam Ngum River. This year the village has been badly affected by flooding during the severe rainy season. Livelihoods have been impacted by the flooding, which cut off access to markets. In addition, the local school opened one month late after damage to the buildings.

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