Alexandra to perform in UXO concert

Aug 1, 2013

alexandra at the cope centre, vientiane, in june 2013. photo: undp lao pdr/eeva nyyssonen

Vientiane, 1st August 2013 –United Nations Development Programme’s National Goodwill Ambassador Alexandra Bounxouei is set to perform in a concert organized by the Lao Ban Advocates and its partners this Saturday 3rd of August.

The concert will be part of the all-day celebrations at the National Cultural Hall marking the third anniversary of the Convention on Cluster Munitions entering into force in 2010. Lao PDR has played a significant role in campaigning for the worldwide ban of the use, production, transfer and stockpiling of cluster munitions. To date, a total of 112 states have signed the Convention.

This concert will be Alexandra’s first public performance as UNDP’s Goodwill Ambassador since her appointment in April this year. In this role she is focusing her advocacy work on the UXO issues. On Saturday, she will take the stage along with other Lao artists including Aluna, Annita, Tar A’Pacts, Toun Diva and Lao Bangfai, and more. The funds raised by the event will be used to support UXO survivors. The concert starts at 5pm, following an official celebration in the morning.

Lao PDR is the most heavily bombed country in history, per capita. It is estimated that some 80 million unexploded cluster munitions remain in Laos, continuing to kill or injure at least one person every week on average, 40 years after the end of the war. To recognize the severity of the problem, Lao PDR has adopted a special Millennium Development Goal 9 to address the impact of UXO by 2020.  

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