Following the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, on 29 March the Government of Lao PDR formally announced nation-wide lockdown. Despite the still limited number of COVID-19 cases, the outbreak in the region has impacted trade, construction and tourism and has therefore a significant effect on the economy.
Despite the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, government staff from the Department of Forestry, the Provincial and District Agriculture and Forestry Offices, as well as UNDP have worked diligently to achieve project outcomes. The most significant of these has been the creation of the newest National Protected Area: The National Eld’s Deer Sanctuary which spans 130,745 ha across the Dry Dipterocarp Forest landscape of Savannakhet Province.
Santee Phetkaysone, a 24 year-old young doctor was assigned to be stationed at the KM 21 quarantine center, an 18-room facility in Champasak Province from August to October of 2020. As one of the few single doctors, it was much more convenient of him to be working at what could be a rather dangerous place if anyone contracted the COVID-19 virus during his period of assignment.
Initially, Chandavone just wanted to try out being a radio host out of pure curiosity after graduation. Never did it occur to her that her trial would turn into a long-term job, with her name becoming a household name.
Single-use plastic has become an inescapable part of our daily lives that, if left unchecked, could threaten our very existence. Hence, we decided to run a quick behavioral trail to learn whether there is an appetite/willingness for people to change their purchase/consumption pattern.
Samnieng was diagnosed with polio as a young child and walks using a crutch as a supporting device. As Director of the Lao Disabled People’s Association (LDPA) and well-respected by all colleagues, it seems that barriers oftentimes created by society have not prevented his full participation nor has it prevented him from realising his ambitions and goals. We quickly became friends as we continued working together on support efforts for UXO survivors and victims.

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