Following the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, on 29 March the Government of Lao PDR formally announced nation-wide lockdown. Despite the still limited number of COVID-19 cases, the outbreak in the region has impacted trade, construction and tourism and has therefore a significant effect on the economy.
Concerted action with a focus on equity could still limit the impacts of this unprecedented crisis: closing the digital divide would reduce by more than two-thirds the number of children currently not learning because of school closures.
In such circumstances, a lot of people, particularly entrepreneurs and employees, needed to pivot and find ways to economically survive. Especially in Vientiane, the country’s quiet capital, digital transformation has been accelerated by the pandemic and could lead to wider use of digital technology and innovation for development, in Laos.
Alongside her comrades, Bua Thongvanhlarlamsing and Phanada Khamphilavong, who joined the team a year after herself, Kouksavanh showed undeniable pride in her occupation. But, why did they choose a path which most young women would have shied away from?
Imagine that you neither know about what you are to expect from your first few weeks in a new position, nor who your colleagues will be. This is an on-boarding experience of our new team member during the COVID-19 lock down.
The report warns that a patchwork of preexisting solutions won’t work and points out that governments must coordinate with each other to hasten the recovery.

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