Natural resources,

climate change and

disaster risk reduction

Balancing growth and environment

Rapid economic growth, primarily driven by natural resource extraction, is putting new pressures on the environmental assets on which rural communities traditionally depend. Strengthening human and financial capacities to manage natural resources at the community level and enforcing relevant laws is critical to ensure sustainable development

Supporting communities, improving governance

We support growth that does not harm the environment. Our work focuses on three priority areas: encouraging all national development planning to recognize links between environmental harm and poverty; strengthening the response to climate change; and improving environmental governance and promoting community-based natural resource management.

Programmes and Initiatives

Building Capacities for Resilient Recovery
Debris Management for Lifesaving in UXO-contaminated Flood Zones
Green Climate Fund Readiness and Preparatory Support
Improving Quality Investment for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Lao PDR
Integrated, Multi-Sectoral Early Recovery Programme for the Communities Affected by Floods in Attapeu Province (Attapeu 3)
Support to Eligible Parties to Produce the Sixth National Report (6NR) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (Asia)
Support to Flood Response Effort - Early Recovery Programming (Attapeu 1+2)
Sustainable Forest and Land Management in the Dry Dipterocarp Forest Ecosystems of Southern Lao PDR

10% of GDP

value of Non-timber forest products in lao pdr

Many people in Lao PDR depend on forest products for their life, such as mushrooms, frogs, insects, vegetables, roots. Degrading forest areas, however, are endangering this way of life. 

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