Integrated, Multi-sectoral, Early Recovery Programme for the Communities Affected by Floods in Attapeu Province (Attapeu 3)


Flood victims receiving emergency aid in Attapeu Province Photo: UNFPA Lao PDR


What is this project about?

On 18 and 19 July, Tropical Storm Son-Tinh caused heavy rains and flooding in 55 districts of 13 provinces across northern, central and southern Lao PDR. An unprecedented flash flood occurred on the night of 23-24 July in Attapeu Province due to the breached saddle dam of the Xe Pien - Xe Nam Noy hydropower dam. Over five billion cubic meters of water, equal to two million Olympic swimming pools, inundated an estimated 55,000 hectares of land covering it with mud and sludge. Initial air and ground assessment results led the Prime Minister of Lao PDR to declare Sanamxay district of Attapeu Province as a National Emergency Disaster Zone.

The Government led the response through an ad hoc National Disaster Prevention and Control Committee chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister and welcomed international support on 25 July. Development partners and members of the Humanitarian Country Team are augmenting national response efforts and a Disaster Response Plan has been launched on August 07, 2018.

Human lives are at risk and quick action is required to minimize damage and restore order, especially for the affected population still housed in the evacuation centers. However, given that the foundations for sustainable recovery and a return to longer-term development should be planned from the outset of a humanitarian emergency, there is a need for more than life-saving measures and this is what this project addresses.

The focus is on restoring national capacities to provide a secure environment, offer services, restore livelihoods, coordinate activities, prevent the recurrence of crisis, and create conditions for future development. This is in line with the purpose of early recovery, which is a multi-dimensional process of recovery that begins in a humanitarian setting.


To augment the ongoing emergency assistance during the humanitarian programmes and establish the foundations for longer-term recovery.

Expected Outcomes

  • UXO Mine Risk Education provided to the affected communities living in contaminated areas.
  • Restored livelihoods of flood victims through Cash for Work Programmes and Cash Transfer Programmes.
  • Improved access to information for flood victims through the extension of Community Radio networks.
  • Adjustment of governance systems with support for mediation and grievance mechanisms.
  • Disaster risk reduction through pilot mobile early warning systems and improved communication and information management.

Project Details

  • Duration: October 2018 – December 2019
  • Geographic coverage: Attapeu Province and other provinces
  • Focus area: Early recovery
  • Implementing partners: UNDP in partnership with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, UXO-Lao

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