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Agility is key in times of distress

This op-ed on UXO was written by Ricarda Rieger, Resident Representative, Lao PDR, United Nations Development Programme  

Can disasters present opportunities?

UNDP Lao PDR's Disaster Risk Management Advisor, Ross Hardy talks about how disasters can present opportunities to people affected by the floods of 2018.  

The New Way of Working in practice in Lao PDR

UNDP Lao PDR's Disaster Risk Management Advisor, Gerson Brandao talks about the ways in which The New Way of Working has been employed in Lao PDR since the floods of 2018.  

Disasters beyond the headlines

In his blog post, UNDP Lao PDR’s Coordination and Recovery Advisor Gerson Brandão reflects on the role of the United Nation’s Central Emergency Response Fund in reminding us about disasters forgotten…  

Building back better in Lao PDR

Cluster munitions — a challenge to development

On the 8th anniversary of the Convention on Cluster Munitions entering into force, Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP Lao PDR, Mr. Balasubramaniam Murali, reflects on Lao PDR’s future with UXO  

Going closer, probing deeper: My transformative journey to a remote community in Lao PDR

Technical Advisor Alexandra Soezer writes about her understanding of transformational development in the context of a rural electrification initiative in Lao PDR.  

Lao PDR: Leading climate action by example?

UNDP's Anders Poulsen and Jonas Aechtner write about the value of nature-based solutions in Lao PDR.  

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What is circular economy and how can it drive climate ambitions of developing countries?

Climate Change Technical Advisor Alexandra Soezer writes about looking beyond the current model of “take, make and dispose” with the concept of circular economy and its opportunities for Lao PDR.  

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