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Digital Government Transformation Project (RFF) Project Kickoff and Digital Maturity Assessment Introduction

Even prior to the spread of COVID-19, the Lao Government had expressed a growing commitment to the digital transformation agenda. In 2020, however, the pandemic accelerated the shift which created a…  

Workshop on Digital Government

A workshop to take stock of the various efforts towards digitalization transformation in the Government of Lao PDR. The event was jointly organized by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPT)…  

One call away: Innovation to inform people with disabilities on COVID-19

Along with official news and information from valid sources and trusted organizations, misinformation has also been circulating, increasing the challenges in keeping society informed about public…  

How COVID19 could accelerate digitalization in Laos

In such circumstances, a lot of people, particularly entrepreneurs and employees, needed to pivot and find ways to economically survive. Especially in Vientiane, the country’s quiet capital, digital…  

New UNDP report: Human development in Asia-Pacific region advances dramatically, but unevenly

The 2019 edition of UNDP’s Human Development Report – ‘Beyond income, beyond averages, beyond today: inequalities in human development in the 21st Century’ – was launched yesterday in Vientiane, Lao…  

UNDP Launches Accelerator Lab

A fast-paced world, climate change and development challenges demand re-imagining our approaches in order to provide solutions that plug in to the needs of modern societies and create a sustainable…  

Can disasters present opportunities?

UNDP Lao PDR's Disaster Risk Management Advisor, Ross Hardy talks about how disasters can present opportunities to people affected by the floods of 2018.  

The New Way of Working in practice in Lao PDR

UNDP Lao PDR's Disaster Risk Management Advisor, Gerson Brandao talks about the ways in which The New Way of Working has been employed in Lao PDR since the floods of 2018.  

From a pig farm to an energy bank with a breath of fresh air

The wastewater of a pig farm was causing severe problems in a village near Vientiane. See how modern technology was able to restore friendly community relations!  

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