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66 Years in the Fight Against Violence: How the Lao Women’s Union Works to Protect Women in Lao PDR

An important part of the Lao Women’s Union’s work is advocating for the protection of wom-en’s rights under the law, especially their right to live free from violence and eliminate gender-based…  

Workshop on the Result of the 2nd Round of Service User Feedback Survey

With 2021 bringing in the 9th National Socio-Economic Development Plan (NSEDP), the Government has committed to improve public administration with a particular focus on strengthening public service…  

OPDs Parallel Submission to the 2021 CRPD Review- Workshop on Data Collection and Writing

Persons with disabilities no longer want to be seen as the recipients of charity but instead as equal members of society that need certainly tailored supports and to have a greater say in what support…  

Corruption remains a major stumbling block for justice sector reforms: UNDP

Opening court services to peer scrutiny might greatly improve integrity and public trust, new report says  

Enhanced access to legal information for Lao citizens

With the opening of an Information Kiosk at the Provincial Court in the Lao province of Xiengkhouang and a fully functional Legal Aid Center at the Department of Justice in the province’s capital…  

Community Radio in Laos

Trustworthy technology offers new hope for Laos’ poorest communities.  

Law making process baseline study

This study is one of the first comprehensive studies to examine current practices in the law-making process in Lao PDR. It provides useful findings and recommendations on key aspects of the lawmaking…  

Customary Law and Practise in Lao PDR

The Customary Law Report is the first of its kind to assess customary justice practices among the 49 officially recognized ethnic groups in Lao PDR and is a step forward in incorporating customary…  

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