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Spreading the word of warning in Southern Laos to ensure we leave no one behind

After floods ravaged Lao PDR last year, a lack of adequate warning mechanisms significantly contributed to the damages and losses. UNDP is partnering with the government and the private sector to…  

Taming the waters in Xayaboury Province

Almost four years ago, UNDP had a project in Xayaboury Province of northern Lao PDR to help farmers in their struggles to cope with climate change. This February, we returned to one of the villages to…  

After the flood

In this photo story, we show you how the flood victims in Khammouane Province took matters into their own hands and started the road to recovery with simple acts of solidarity and community…  

Fresh wounds, past battles

In August 2018, a joint Republic of Korea-UNDP delegation undertook a field mission to Xieng Khouang Province to witness the progress of the UXO sector in Lao PDR.  

Powering a community

Inhabitants of Kabong village live without electricity, roads and stable incomes. UNDP is looking into solutions to improve their access to electricity.  

Bringing a village into kilter with filters

Putting a glass of water on the table can take a huge effort in the rural areas of Laos. Read how we helped to relieve villagers in Saysomboun province of this burden in our recent project.  

From a pig farm to an energy bank with a breath of fresh air

The wastewater of a pig farm was causing severe problems in a village near Vientiane. See how modern technology was able to restore friendly community relations!  

Journey to the end of the light

In May 2018, UNDP Lao PDR visited one of the most secluded communities in Laos to assess the possibilities for rural electrification. See what we encountered during our exhilirating journey!  

Riding the airwaves to reach the unreached

Radio is a powerful medium to connect with people in the hinterland. Our Community Radio volunteers ride the airwaves to remote villages and have a finger on the pulse of their local community. This…  

Sipping from the cup of development

As the country is set for graduating from Least Developed Country status, we are looking into how Lao PDR’s tea growers are contributing to developing their country.  

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