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Poverty reduction and livelihoods

  • Brand Lao - For Better Livelihoods

    The project aims at identifying potential profitable Lao “niche” products to be better market on the domestic and possibly international markets.

  • Strategic Support to Achieve SDG5 in Lao PDR

    The overall goal of the project is to help improve livelihood development, increase household incomes, particularly the incomes of the most vulnerable female population, and to ensure food and nutrition security, as well as reduce poverty through participatory and inclusive approach.

  • Support Programme for the 8th NSEDP’s Implementation Towards LDC Graduation, MIC Transition and SDGs Achievement

    The programme focuses on developing and strengthening individual and institutional capacities, to enable the Government to implement the 8th National Socio-Economic Development Plan to address the challenges related to achieving graduation from the LDC status by 2020s, strengthen its position as a middle-income country and progress towards the achievement of the SDGs by 2030.

  • Enhancing People's Participation through Community Radio

    The overall goal of the project is for community radios to be sustainably managed at the local level and to further expand the number of stations and their outreach.

  • Enhancing Social and Economic Opportunities for Youth in the Lao PDR

    Lao PDR has one of the youngest populations in the region. Close to 60 per cent are estimated to be less than 25 years of age. Projections show a rapid increase in the working-age population and a falling dependency ratio. Thus, in the medium-term, Lao PDR is set to benefit from the “demographic dividend” to the economy. However, the full benefits of the demographic dividend will be realised only if new jobs allow to keep pace with the working-age population's growth and only if young women and men are better equipped with the appropriate skills and knowledge. This issue is all the more critical for the disadvantaged youth groups, including ethnic groups and female, in rural and most remote areas.

  • National Governance and Public Administration Reform (GPAR) Programme - Governance for Inclusive Development Programme

    The project supports the Government's strong desire to strengthen its public administration’s ability to achieve better service delivery, promote wider governance improvements and increase citizens’ systematic engagement, especially at the local levels where basic services are coordinated, planned, tracked and reported.

  • Strategic Support to Enhancing the Role of the National Assembly

    The overall goal of the project is to help address challenges faced by both the NA and PPAs to perform their respective important roles, better represent citizens’ interests, and undertake policy and law-making to tackle the country’s development challenges.

  • Strategic Support to Strengthen the Rule of Law

    The project aims to support efforts to establish a rule of law by changing attitudes and behavior, as well as strengthening relationships between the people and State’s institutions.

Natural resources, climate change and disaster risk reduction
Unexploded ordnance (UXO)

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