Strategic Support to Enhancing the Role of the National Assembly and the Provincial People's Assemblies


National Assembly member shares his points of view on the amendments to the Law on the National Assembly and Provincial People’s Councils. UNDP Lao PDR/Daniel Hodgson


What is the project about?

As one of its very first development partners, UNDP has a well-established and privileged partnership with the National Assembly (NA) of Lao PDR. The previous joint project, “National Assembly Strategic Support Project” (NASSP), contributed to the strengthening of the National Assembly and supported its aspirations to become a more independent, accountable, inclusive and responsive institution that can enhance state-society relations, promote an inclusive political process and effectively promote good governance and the rule of law. UNDP’s partnership with the NA, also supported by various development partners, helped to lay the foundation for a functioning legislative branch in Lao PDR. 

Continued efforts are required to support the NA and 2016-established People’s Provincial Assemblies (PPAs) in their work to build and sustain development in the entireness of the country.

Building on the achievements and lessons learnt, UNDP’s renewed support aims to address challenges faced by both the NA and PPAs to perform their respective important roles, better represent citizens’ interests, and undertake policy and law-making to tackle the country’s development challenges.


The project will improve the capacity of the NA and support PPAs to regularly engage people, in particular, the most disadvantaged and marginalized, and to exercise their core functions to lead to inclusive and sustainable development and a resilient society that contributes to sustaining peace and democracy.

Expected Outcomes

  • Interactions between the National Assembly and citizens on national development issues strengthened to enable the implementation of the NSEDP and the SDGs in an inclusive and participatory manner.
  • The National Assembly capacitated to align policies and legislation with the NSEDP and SDGs and monitor the implementation.
  • Coordination and communication mechanisms established between the NA and PPAs, between representative bodies and the executive branch of Government / Office of Supreme People’s Prosecutor / State Audit Office and between PPAs for increased responsiveness to people’s needs.
  • Selected People’s Provincial Assemblies capacitated to fulfil their representative and oversight mandate and contribute to the NSEDP and achievement of SDGs.
  • Members of representative bodies’ capacities strengthened to shape policy, legislation, planning and budgetary decisions to enable women’s economic and social empowerment, protect women’s rights and advance gender equality.
  • Institutional processes, procedures and capacities strengthened for effective support to the NA and its decision-making bodies.

Project Details

  • Duration: August 2018 – December 2021
  • Geographic coverage: National level
  • Focus area: Governance
  • Implementing partners: National Assembly, People’s Provincial Assemblies

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